20th Century Artists Printable Flashcard Deck

Teach your students or homeschoolers all about 20th-century art!

This month, I am launching a line of products that fill the gap in art education regarding 20th-century and contemporary artists.

While many resources cover the classics (Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, etc.), there are far fewer materials available for teachers who want to introduce their students to the art of their own world and lifetime.

So, I am working on providing flashcards, printable posters, and even games to teach kids about artists who (mostly) haven’t made the history books yet. 

From Bansky to Murakani, this deck makes a great, art-based touchstone series for studying not just art, but 20th-century history in general.  

Sample Cards

Contemporary artists flashcard pack.

Georgia O'Keefe card from printable 20th century art flashcard pack.

Nan Goldin from artist flashcard pack for kids.

Andy Warhol (20th-century art for kids)

Where to Buy the Deck

This deck is available on Etsy.  It can be printed out immediately—as in right now!–and ready for your class or lesson plan tomorrow.

There’s 14 cards/artists to choose from.  Run through the whole deck to work on rote memorization and build a foundation for the humanities.

Why 20th-century art?

Classic art is foundational to a solid humanities education.

But contemporary and 20th-century art is foundational to an understanding of the culture we live in today.  And there’s no reason why we need to wait until a student is in high school or college to learn about contemporary artists in an age-appropriate way.

Kids are visual learners.  Give their lessons some eye-candy!

Creative ideas to use this deck.

  • Select them one at a time to complement a general history lesson on the 20th century.
  • Feature artists for specific genres (Bansky for street art, Warhol for pop art, Goldin for photography, etc.).
  • Go through the whole deck to work on rote memory at the beginning of each class, and then build a curriculum around each artist for a comprehensive course on 20th-century art.
  • Print out two sets (you can print as many as you like at no extra cost), flip all the cards face down on the floor or a table, and play memory with younger kids.

    I am so excited about all the fun ways I was able to use this deck in my own classes, and I’m so happy to be able to share them with you.

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